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Change in Mental Status:  Hepatic Encephalopathy
Richard Stefannaci DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD
Vinod Rustgi MD, MBA
The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) together with NADONA are offering a trio of webinars designed for senior care pharmacists, nurses and geriatricians on Neurobehavioral Toolkits in Senior Care: Nursing, Psychiatry and Pharmacy.
MDS & Neurobehavioral Diseases Webinar
The Treatment and Management of Neurobehavioral Symptoms in Skilled Nursing Centers
Available Soon!
The Approach to Psychoactive Medication Management by Pharmacies and Pharmacists with MDS-RAI 2019
Available Soon!
4 Part Diabetes Series by Becton Dickinson
Part 1:  Essential Components of Effective Insulin Delivery:  Devices, Technique and Expert Recommendations

Part 2:  Management of Diabetic Emergencies in Acute and Long Term Settings (Previously Managing Hypo/Hyperglycemia)
Part 3:  Transitions of Care for Patients with Diabetes
Part 4:  Challenges in Diabetes Care for Special Populations
Ocean Spray #1: Incorporating Antibiotic Stewardship as Part of the Infection Control Program in Long Term Care
Ocean Spray #2 Antibiotic Stewardship:  What does the Evidence Show?
Ocean Spray #3 How can Facilities Implement a Stewardship and CAUTI Reduction Program?
Best Practices in Diabetes Management
The Medicare Denial Process
Navigating the New Soap Landscape in Healthcare:  FDA Final Rule, Science of Soap & Best Practices for Skin Health by GOJO
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