Nurse Leader of the Year Nomination Form

Nomination Information

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NADONA certifications (check all that apply): CDONAFACDONACALNCLPNGDCN
NADONA Accademy of Fellows: YesNo
Letters of support. Total number of letters sent in each category. At least three letters total are required: Supervisor, Co-workers, Residents, Residents' families, Other.

Please attach the following documentation

  • Written statement describing the reasons the nominee should be named Nurse Leader of the Year by the person nominating (include a description of the nominee’s dedication and contributions to the field of long term care)
  • Letters from co-workers, families, residents or others, should describe why the nominee should be named Nurse Leader of the Year. Minimum of three required.

  • Deadline is April 1, 2019

Nominator Information


  • Candidates must be a member of NADONA.
  • Candidates may be nominated by other members, colleagues, Administrators, Medical Directors or any other health professional involved in long term care.
  • Candidates may self-nominate.
  • Candidates will be selected by an Awards Committee who will be comprised of members of NADONA.
  • Candidates will not be identified by name to the Awards Committee.
  • Awards will be made at the NADONA Conference.
  • One award per region will be presented, provided each region is represented in nominations received prior to the deadline.
  • The nominee obtaining the highest number of points will be awarded “National Nurse Leader of the Year” in addition to Nurse Leader of the Year in her/his region.
  • Current national Board Members are not eligible during their term of office.

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