NADONA’s 2021 Nurse Leader of the Year Press Release

NADONA Announces 2021 Nurse Leader of the Year Recipients

August 10, 2021 — Cincinnati, Ohio–The National Association Directors of Nursing Administration (NADONA) is pleased to announce the 2021 winners of the Nurse Leader of the Year Award and Regional Nurse Leader of the Year Awards.

This award is presented to the Nurse Leader of the Year, with awards also presented to nurses in selected regions.  The winners of the 2021 awards are as follows:

National Nurse Leader of the Year

  • Steven Missaggia, RN, CDONA, FACDONA, National Award Recipient, Palmetto Subacute Care Center, A Care Rite Center, Miami, Florida



Regional Nurse Leaders of the Year

  • Deborah Bostic, RN, CDONA, CNML, Northeast Region, NADONA State Chapter President, Maine, Genesis Healthcare Corporation, Springbook Center, Westbrook, Maine

  • Vickie O’Quinn, RN, CDONA, Southeast Region, SavaSenior Care, Brian Center Southpoint, Durham, North Carolina

The NADONA Nurse Leader of the Year is a highly competitive and prestigious award, with the following criteria for nomination being followed:

  • Candidate must be a member of NADONA.
  • Candidate must be nominated by a health professional colleague such as a facility administrator or attending physician. Self-nomination is not permitted.
  • The application process must include a biography of the candidate and letters of recommendation from facility personnel and residents.
  • Candidates are selected by an awards committee which is comprised of NADONA/LTC members.

Criteria and nomination submission for the 2022 Nurse Leader of the Year Award will be posted on the NADONA site after September 1, 2021.

NADONA has been the leading advocate and educational organization for DONs, ADONs and Nurse Leaders in long-term and post-acute care since 1986.  With 32 state chapters, it continues to be the largest organization representing nurses working in long-term and post-acute care settings.  NADONA offers a wide array of services to its members, including educational materials, national and state conferences, scholarships, Infection Prevention Certificate of Mastery Program, Antibiotic Stewardship Certificate of Mastery Program; Pathfinder Program, Executive Fellows Leadership Academy, Director of Nursing, Licensed Practical Nurse, Assisted Living, Geriatric Diabetes certification programs, a mentoring program and a quarterly journal, The Director.  Through its publications and programs, NADONA reaches approximately 20,000 nurses who are employed in long-term care.



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