Theresa Woolbert, RN BSN

Theresa Woolbert RN, BSN is the Director of Nurses at Maplewood Nursing Theresa_Woolbert_NewHampshireHome Cheshire County, in Westmoreland NH. She has been at Maplewood for the past 7 1/2 years. Theresa began her career in nursing working at a Community Care home more than 27 years ago. She realized then her passion was helping people and started her career as a Certified Nurse Technician (LNA) in Nashville, Tennessee. She returned to New England in 1990 where she pursued her LPN and RN at NH Technical College in Claremont, NH. After working as a Nurse for 11 years she returned to school and received her BSN through the University of Phoenix. Her passion is in the Long Term Care setting where she has spent most of her career.

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