Lynn Beede

Lynn M. Beede, RN

Lynn is the Director of Nursing for Coos County Nursing Home in Berlin, Lynn_Beede_NHNH. She has worked her way through the nursing ranks beginning her nursing career in 1993 as a Licensed Nursing Assistant. She obtained her Practical Nursing Diploma from the New Hampshire Community Technical Institute in Concord, NH, and then went on to obtain her Associates Degree in Nursing at the White Mountain Community College in Berlin, NH. She has been in long term care for more than 20 years and as a Director of Nursing for the past 7 years. She has been fortunate in working with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who have had great success with their annual recertification surveys… deficiency free in healthcare for five out of seven years. You are encouraged to contact Lynn or any other member of the Executive Board if you have questions about our organization, interest in joining as a member, and for any other questions or concerns regarding long term care nursing. She welcomes new Directors of Nursing to reach out to the NH Chapter of NADONA/LTC for guidance and advice. She believes that together we can accomplish great things in healthcare.

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