Debra Hagerty

Debra Hagerty has been involved in Geriatrics for more than 40 years and has been a Director of Nursing for more than 30 and is a certified Dementia Hagerty_Debra_georgiaPractitioner. She has been active in NADONA for approximately 20 years and serves as Georgia State President.

Awarded the Long-term Care and Rehabilitation Nightingale Award for Nursing, member of the Academy of Fellows and is a  Certified Director of Nursing are some of her accomplishments.

Debra is currently a member of the NADONA Educational Planning committee. She also sits on the NADONA Director’s Advisory Board as well as being an  Assistant Professor teaching full-time at Armstrong State and part-time at Boise State University.

Some of her community activities include:

  1. Vice President, on the Riverview Health and Rehabilitation Board in Savannah.
  2. Savannah area Senior Citizens organization providing education.
  3. Teaches at the Edel Caregiver Institute
  4. Very active in her church.

She has been actively speaking nationally and internationally, is a consultant to nursing homes as a Director of Nursing and Administrator. Debra has published articles, is a legal expert, and a content expert for advisory boards on a variety of subjects.

Quote from Debra:
” I love NADONA and the support we give to nurses in the long-term care area and I am so glad I am a part of this wonderful organization.”

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