The National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration

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The National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration

Since 1986, the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care have been THE leading advocate and educational organization for DONs, ADONs and RNs (in management positions and/or serving as Director of Nursing Services, Nurse Administrator, VP of Clinical Services, Consultants, Nurse Educators, MDS Nurses, Staff Development, Transitional Care Nurse, Infection Prevention Nurses or any RN that has previously served in a role equivalent to DON or ADON) in Long Term Care (LTC). NADONA was founded by dedicated LTC professionals, and our board of trustees still consists of LTC professionals. We understand your daily challenges, and are here to provide you with the tools you need for professional success.

"NADONA is committed to providing our membership with the tools needed to be successful. We are here to help you."
Sherrie Dornberger

NADONA/LTC founded

NADONA/LTC founded in St. Louis, MO with 40 original members from 13 states.

Capitol Hill

NADONA/LTC establishes ongoing presence on Capitol Hill, giving legislators the “real story”.

Nationally-recognized NADONA/LTC Certification Exam is created – by DONs, for DONs.

Added Credibility and professional esteem are enjoyed by more than 5000 members in 2004.

National Confrence

First national conference held in Orlando, FL.

Circle of Excellence established.

NADONA/LTC’s first National recognition program for deficiency-free facilities. This comprehensive online resource for members has tripled in content since its launch.

New Office

NADONA/LTC moves into new offices.


OSHA partners with NADONA/LTC in national program launch.

Top 5

Top 5 nursing home corporations bring their DONs to NADONA/LTC.


Membership reaches 5500, representing 30 states and Canada.

Online Certification

Launch of online certification program NADONA/LTC Online University is founded.

New President

Sherrie Dornberger elected President.


Inauguration of the NADONA/LTC Fellows program (FACDONA).

Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes

Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes is a two-year, coalition-based campaign concerned with how we care for elderly and disabled citizens. NADONA/LTC was part of the steering committee for a broad range of stakeholders in quality long-term care that provide ongoing strategy development, guidance and in-kind support for the campaign.

20th Anniversary in St. Louis, MO.

Ed McMahon keynotes the Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO.

LTCPLC develops Core Competencies in LTC

NADONA joins LTCPLC with AMDA, ASCP and ACHCA (Long term care professional leadership council), LTCPLC develops Core Competencies in LTC.

Annual Conference Record

20th Annual Conference, Las Vegas sets record-breaking attendance.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson Image of Nursing, Andrea Higham keynotes annual conference in Las Vegas, NV


  1. Transition in management.
  2. Development of the Assisted Living Certification exam.
  3. IOM Report on re-tooling for Aging in America.
  4. LPN Certification development.
  5. Certifications are now “online”.


Mentor program goes virtual with


Mature Health Communications partners with NADONA for event planning.


NADONA joins Eldercare workforce alliance

Keynote Speaker

Karyn Buxam keynotes annual conference in Nashville, TN.

Honorary Member

Marianna Kern Grachek was named the Honorary Member of the Year.


PharMerica sponsors NADONA Stephanie Carroll scholarships to honor nurses for “Nurses Week”.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of Advancing Excellence begins.

Diabetic Certification

Grant received to develop Diabetic Certification exam for LTC nurses.

The Director

Mature Health partners with NADONA on “The Director”.

Pioneer Network

Pioneer Network founded and funded by the commonwealth to explore nursing’s role in culture change – 16 culture change competencies were announced.


LeAnn Theiman keynotes annual conference in Phoenix AZ.

Honorary Member

Pharmerica Corporation was named Honorary Member of the Year.

Certified DON

Certified DON (CDONA) exam is updated.


Diabetic Certification exam goes live online with modules (study guide) and exam.


IOM Future of Nursing report, leading change, advanicng health released.


Electronic voting is implemented for National Board election.

5 Year Goals

NADONA/LTC re-establishes 5 year goals based on the IOM report.

Gina Kaurich resigns

Gina Kaurich resigns as Executive Director.

Advancing Excellence incorporates.

Advancing Excellence incorporates. NADONA becomes Charter Member.

Greg Risberg

Greg Risberg keynotes conference in Atlanta, GA.

Sarah Jerro

Sarah Jerro, MA, RN was named Honorary Member of the Year.  Sarah is NADONA/LTC’s Lead Nurse Planner.

Gwen Stewart

Gwen Stewart, NC, was named Nurse Administrator of the Year.

DON Field Guide

DON Field Guide for LTC Nursing becomes available to assist studies for the CDONA exam.

Corporate Partners program

Establishment of the Corporate Partners program.

NADONA Certification Review

NADONA Certification Review given at National conference.

Signature Health Care

Signature Health Care registers all nurses to take the Diabetic exam.

Poster presentations

Poster presentations are incorporated into the annual conference.

Sherrie Dornberger

Sherrie Dornberger appointed Interim Executive Director by the NADONA Board.

Debbie Afasano

Debbie Afasano keynotes Annual Conference in Kissimmee, FL.

Leah Klusch

Leah Klusch was named Honorary Member of the Year.

Monthly E-newsletter

Monthly E-newsletter developed to keep members up-to-date with news.


NCCDP offered at July conference and supported by the Wallerstein Grant.

Certified Dementia Practitioners

Members become Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Master Trainers developed

Master Trainers developed to teach live boot camps and certification programs nationwide.

Sherrie Dornberger

Sherrie Dornberger appointed Executive Director by the NADONA Board.

Robin Arnicar

Robin Arnicar is elected President.


Partnered with Medscape and AMDA for CE Dementia programs.

Lisa Thomson

Lisa Thomson keynotes annual conference in Nashville, TN.

Tina Magazine

Tina Magazine, GOJO, was named Honorary Member of the Year.

Accreditation From American Nurses Credentialing Center

The National Association Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care Earns Accreditation From American Nurses Credentialing Center.

$20,000 in scholarships

NADONA/LTC awards $20,000 in scholarships with sponsorship by PharMerica.

Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma sponsors one year of the E-newsletter

Sarah Jerro

Sarah Jerro, Lead Nurse Planner and the Nurse Planners were successfully awarded the ability to provide CE’s.

NABs Administrator Board

NABs Administrator Board awards NADONA sponsor status for awarding an increasing number of NAB credits to members.

Wallerstein Grant

Wallerstein Grant is awarded 5,000 to cover conducting the CDP course as a pre-conference training program through the NCCDP

CADDCT training

The CADDCT training took place as a per-con at the Annual Conference, provided by NCCDP. 

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen, Executive Director of Music and Memory was the keynote speaker in Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Richard Stefanacci

Dr. Richard Stefanacci was named Honorary Member of the Year.

Amanda Kistler

Amanda Kistler, NC, was awarded Nurse Administrator of the Year.

Robin Arnicar

Robin Arnicar starts her second term as NADONA/LTC President.


PharMerica continues sponsorship of $20,000 for the Stephanie Carroll scholarship program.

Standards of Practice guidelines

Committee appointed to revamp and update the NADONA/LTC DON Standards of Practice guidelines, chaired by Nancy Beecham.

Viewed by over 20,000 readers

The quarterly issue of The Director is viewed by over 20,000 readers per quarter.  It is hosted on the NADONA website and at the Nurses Lounge, NADONA’s partner, which is social media for nurses.


Conference was convened in Disneyland, Anaheim, CA.

New Staff

NADONA/LTC adds a staff member.

Dr. Nimalie Stone

Dr. Nimalie Stone was awarded the Honorary Member of the Year.

Angela Littke

Angela Littke, NC was awarded the Nurse Administrator of the Year.

NADONA's Annual Conference

NADONA’s Annual Conference is June 5th-10th, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown, Atlanta, GA

Sherrie Dornberger

Executive Director, Sherrie Dornberger is appointed to the Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria 

New Office

NADONA/LTC relocates to larger office suites In Springdale Ohio

The Director New Editor Named

Dr. Hudson Garrett named Editor of “The Director” NADONA’s peer reviewed quarterly journal



2016 Conference Austin Texas

JW Marriott June 24 – 29, 2016


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