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The NADONA room block is now closed.  Rooms are still available on the Planet Hollywood website, www.caesars.com/planet-Hollywood



Long-term and Post-Acute care are rapidly changing. New regulations and guidelines are being implemented in facilities across the country and within specific states such as antipsychotic reduction guidelines and antibiotic stewardship initiatives. ROP’s are changing the environment with new state and federal legislative initiatives. How residents and families are obtaining information has evolved significantly with the increased use of the Internet and other Social Media. The National Conference will provide you with updates on these and other important trends that are or will be affecting you, your facilities, and your residents.



Stephanie Carroll Scholarship Criteria and Application 
This scholarship has been established in memory of Stephanie Carroll, long-time valued NADONA employee. It will be awarded to a nursing student enrolled in an accredited nursing program who has chosen Long Term Care or Geriatrics as their practice area after graduation. Nursing students in an undergraduate or graduate program are also eligible to apply for this scholarship. The following guidelines have been developed for this scholarship.

Nurse Leader of the Year Nomination
These prestigious awards are given to nominated Nurse Leaders representing NADONA regions.  The nominee obtaining the highest number of points will be awarded “National Nurse Leader of the Year”, in addition to Nurse Leader of the Year in his/her region.  Award recipients are honored during the Annual Conference.

NADONA Antibiotic Stewardship Best Practice National (Facility) and Stewardship Leader (Individual) Award
Improving the use of antibiotics in healthcare to protect patients and reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance is a national priority. Antibiotic stewardship refers to a set of commitments and actions designed to “optimize the treatment of infections while reducing the adverse events associated with antibiotic use.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all acute care hospitals implement an antibiotic stewardship program (ASP) and outlined the seven core elements which are necessary for implementing successful ASPs. CDC also recommends that all nursing homes take steps to improve antibiotic prescribing practices and reduce inappropriate use.

Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed medications in nursing homes, with up to 70% of residents in a nursing home receiving one or more courses of systemic antibiotics when followed over a year. Similar to the findings in hospitals, studies have shown that 40–75% of antibiotics prescribed in nursing homes may be unnecessary or inappropriate. Harms from antibiotic overuse are significant for the frail and older adults receiving care in nursing homes. These harms include risk of serious diarrheal infections from Clostridium difficile, increased adverse drug events and drug interactions, and colonization and/or infection with antibiotic- resistant organisms.

NADONA and Ocean Spray have partnered together to recognize both the best of the best in regard to Antibiotic Stewardship leaders and also a facility Antibiotic Stewardship Program. The most significant public health threat facing us right now in regard to infectious diseases is Antibiotic Resistance, and together, we can win this war against superbugs.

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